Paloma Hotels | Environmental Movement

Paloma Hotels Environmental Movement

Save Energy.

Through our environmental managment system, we aim to control the amount of water, power and energy as well as the chemical and solid waste we use so we can minimize enivironmental damage without compromising comfort.
By implementing sustainable tourism principles and taking precautions such as updating and replacing systems, our use of natural resources has decreased. This means that each year we continue to minimize environmental damage.
Every other year Paloma Hotels Group grows with either a newly built hotel or a completely renovated one. Even during our construction period, the most important detail for us is to protect the surrounding natural enivironment. Our projects are always carefully planed and prepared every step of the way in this respect ; even to the point of avoiding the destruction of a single tree.
  • Paloma Hotels Fruit Trees in Our Garden And Harvest Time

    Fruit Trees in Our Garden And Harvest Time

    At our hotels, there are a variety of fruit trees. Our guests are able to collect the fruits at the different seasons, at harvest time and eat some. 

  • Paloma Hotels Rubbish Bins With Waste Separation

    Rubbish Bins With Waste Separation

    Waste decomposition is very important for nature as well as for us. Therefore we have plastic, paper and organic recycling bins palced around all our hotels.

  • Paloma Hotels Awards


    With responsibility and respect we began projects to reduce unnecessary energy consumption to help protect against global warming. Our following projects deserved to be awarded for such reasons:

  • Paloma Hotels Animals


    As Paloma family, we continue to work to provide a better world for our closest friends.


  • Paloma Hotels Hobby Garden

    Hobby Garden

    Our guests can watch the development and growth of our products and are able to collect and use as they wish. After walking through the fragrant herbs garden for example you could cut some lavenders to dry and use as pot pourri.